Training Programs

NET offers training for triathlon and one-sport athletes. Training is based on the individual and  geared toward strengths/weaknesses and specific race goals.

Training Plans Available:

Running 101 — Athletes looking to start a running plan can purchase our Running 101 plan directly from Training Peaks. This plan is for those who want to train for their first 5K or are returning to running after a long break. Click HERE for more information.

Race Training Plan — This plan is for athletes with a specific goal race who need a basic outline of training. They will receive an entire training plan for their specific race via Training Peaks. Basic communication with your coach is done is via email/text/phone and through workout comments.

Personalized Training — Athletes will receive a personalized training program through Training Peaks. This plan is built in only 2-4 week intervals and the progression based on an athletes response to training, their schedule and goal race(s). Unlimited communication with the coach is done is via email/text/phone and through workout comments.

Each program has different fees based on sport and length of plan. Please CONTACT NET for more information about training plan costs.

If you have more questions, please see our TRIATHLON FAQ or HALF MARATHON FAQ pages or CLICK HERE to email NET.

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