NET offers training for triathlon (swim/bike/run) and for each sport individually. Training is individualized for each athlete depending on their sport and specific race goals. We can create a plan for any triathlon or one-sport distance.

Training Plan OPTIONS:
You have two options when signing up for training. Please choose one option* when you register.

BASIC Training — Athletes will receive their personalized plan through TrainingPeaks Basic. With this account you can view your training plan on the computer or app and upload workouts when finished. Communication with your coach is done is via email/text/phone and comments left after workouts will be viewed approximately once a week or bi-weekly.

PREMIUM Training — Athletes will receive their personalized training program through TrainingPeaks Premium. With this account you can add future workouts/information to your calendar for planning purposes, drag/drop workouts to rearrange your schedule based on your needs, and as each workout is logged your coach will receive an email which prompts direct communication with your coach and gives them an almost daily view of your training habits.

*Athletes with a full Ironman, half Ironman, or full marathon within 6 months are VERY STRONGLY encouraged to select the premium training plan.

To train with NET, please REGISTER HERE.
If you have any questions, please see our TRIATHLON FAQ or HALF MARATHON FAQ pages or CLICK HERE to email NET.

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