September – Andrea McElroy

35 Speech Language Pathologist at Nacogdoches Medical Center

How long have you participated in the sport?How did you get started?
I have participated in this sport for off and for about 2 years and then got serious about training this past February. I got started because I saw what wonderful results Kelly Griffin was getting and how she was so addicted. I thought there must be something to this NET training thing. So she helped me get signed up and away we went.

What is your favorite race?
Triathlons. I love to swim.

Running Shoe Brand?

Favorite Long Run/Race Nutrition?
Tri-berry Gu Energy Gel and Honey Stinger Waffles

Favorite Post-Race Food?
Chocolate Milk

Favorite Piece of Training Equipment/Gear?
My new Timex GPS watch. It is so much easier to track my miles and my pace. It has helped me to push myself harder and longer.

Advice for other athletes?
My advice would be to just put one step infront of the other and run. Because with every step you get stronger and you can stomp past failures in the ground. Running and training with NET has helped me to gain an inner strength and confidence I never knew I had. It has helped me become a better wife, mother, and SLP. I am very greatful for Becky’s coaching me and all the other athletes from NET. This has truly been one of the best year of my life.

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