May – Kasey Cigich

26; Pre-k teacher in Nacogdoches
How long have you participated in the sport?
I have been running for about 4 years now.
How did you get started?
Started with my first 5k that I ran in Tomball Tx with my dad and sister.  They are runners and talked me into it.  After that first 5k I was hooked.
What is your favorite race?
I would have to say that my favorite race would have to be the cowtown in ft.worth. I started that race 3 years ago with my first 10k. Last year completed my first half marathon and this year completed my first marathon.  The cowtown is just a very well organized and fun race.  Call me crazy but I might even let it be the race of my first ultra 🙂
Running Shoe Brand?
I wear Brooks running shoes.
Favorite Long Run/Race Nutrition?
My favorite nutrition would have to be either the clif bar shot bloks or The honey stinger energy chews.
Favorite Post-Race Food?
My favorite post race food I think would have to be oranges BUT then again after a long race I’m just so hungry I would eat anything!
Favorite Piece of Training Equipment/Gear?
Favorite piece of training equipment would have to be my garmon gps  watch and my iPod.
Any advice for other athletes?
Never say you can’t! Just get out there and keep pushing and putting one foot infornt of the other.  If you keep a positive attitude before you know it you have run 26.2 miles:)

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