June – Becky McMorries

; Mom/Wife/Triathlon Coach
How long have you participated in the sport?
I started in 2007. This is my 6th season.
How did you get started?
I do not come from an athletic background. In HS I played volleyball and the definition of play was to go in and serve and come right out. In college I studied. Period. Then on my 25th birthday I found a flyer at work advertising a Danskin Sprint Training Program. I went home and told my husband I was doing it and the rest is history!
What is your favorite race?
It is VERY hard to choose my favorite race so I will list my favorites at various distances. 🙂
Ironman Triathlon –  Louisville in 2008 because it was my first Ironman Triathlon
Marathon – White Rock in Dallas in 2007 where I BQ’d
Half Marathon – Cowtown 2010 because it was the first race Kyle and I ran together and William was there too (well kind of; I was 35 weeks pregnant!)
Olympic Triathlon – Austin Tri 2007 because it was my first Olympic and I was so much faster than I ever expected and I like that race venue
Running Shoe Brand?
I CURRENTLY wear Brooks Ghost 4 – 9.5 Narrow.
Favorite Long Run/Race Nutrition?
On long bikes I eat Clif Shot Blocs – one every 10 minutes. On long runs I use Powerbar Orange or Green gels or Shot Blocs depending on the distance. Orange is my favorite flavor.
Favorite Post-Race Food?
Ice Cream.
Favorite Piece of Training Equipment/Gear?
On every run/ride I have on a Sweaty Band. They are amazing. Period.
I also use a Garmin 910XT (310XT is awesome too), Jawbone Icon bluetooth ear piece, and my SPI race belt on just about every ride/run.
Any advice for other athletes?
Triathlon isn’t just a sport. It’s a lifestyle that helps you to reach goals you thought unreachable and can give you more self-confidence that you thought possible. You don’t have to be an “athlete” to participate and you might surprise yourself when you find the athlete hiding inside of you. Even if you don’t ever “tri” a triathlon everyone should at some point try something that is new and challenging for them. You learn so much about yourself and grow as a person no matter what age you start. And remember to take it slow because “slow is steady, steady is smart, and smart is fast”.

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