July – Tim Young

Tim Young, 46, ophthalmologist at Lehmann Eye Center

How long have you participated in the sport?How did you get started?
I started running regularly 3 years ago in order to help my son Will train for a half marathon.  As parents we thought he was too young to go on runs alone, so I went with him (he had to double back frequently to let me catch up!) Pretty
soon I decided I was doing the half too. By the time the race came around I was a fully addicted runner!
With the exception of the 2 1/2 month break I took to rehab from left knee surgery in Dec. 2011, my run log has no blank weeks. I have completed 5 half marathons as well as many 5Ks and 10Ks.
I was persuaded/encouraged by coach Becky to try triathlon in spring 2011 and did my
first tri at CapTex in Austin May 2011. Swimming was definitely way out of my
comfort zone when i started tri–it was a real chore to work at it for the first
few months. It has taken some time, but I can now say I enjoy a good swim
workout and am a much fitter athlete for those efforts! I have completed 4
sprint, 1 olympic, and 1 half ironman triathlons.

What is your favorite race?
My favorite run distance is the half marathon, but I also love the challenge of
speed and focus during the 5k.  My favorite tri distance is the olympic distance
race, which I’ve only done once at the Toyota US Open race in Dallas last
Oct–long enough to have an endurance flow but short enough to bring some speed.
Also really nice course and venue for the race.

Running Shoe Brand?
ASICS–train in Gel Nimbus, race in Gel DS racer

Favorite Long Run/Race Nutrition?
Probar energy bars–especially the berry flavor, Blueberry/pomegranate or
Mandarin orange GU chomps

Favorite Post-Race Food?
Nice big juicy cheeseburger with salty fries

Favorite Piece of Training Equipment/Gear?
Garmin watch with Garmin Connect training log, just started playing with
Strava–fun to compare segments running and biking! Love riding my
bike–sometimes too much fun to call it training!  My Kurt Kinetic bike trainer
is much less fun but very good at making you a stronger cyclist. 

Any advice for other athletes?
1. Don’t give up on swimming in the first 3 months.  Don’t give up on it after
that because you’ve invested too much pain in it to give up now!  2. Morning
workouts are almost always an option if you really want to fit it in somehow.
Planning to succeed will make it easier!  3. Training is very much worth
it–the joy of being fit greatly exceeds the effort and pain and the energy you
put in brings out the best you there is.

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