August – Kinnie Douglas

35/Health Educator

How long have you participated in the sport?How did you get started?
I started training with Nacogdoches Endurance Training in January of 2011.  In
2011, I helped Becky McMorries plan the Heartbeat 5K.  During this process I got
to know Becky and she talked me into training for triathlon with her. She is
very convincing.

What is your favorite race?
The Danskin 2011 Women’s Triathlon was my favorite race.

Running Shoe Brand?

Favorite Long Run/Race Nutrition?
Tri-berry Gu Energy Gel and Honey Stinger Waffles

Favorite Post-Race Food?
Mexican food

Favorite Piece of Training Equipment/Gear?
My Trek Road Bike

Any advice for other athletes?
To not be afraid of a challenge – get out there and just try it – if you fail,
try it again.

Additional Words from Kinnie…
I participate in triathlons to complete them as a personal challenge. Last year, I completed four triathlons with my first one being the Danskin’s Women’s Triathlon in Austin.  Doing triathlons has not only brought me a sense of achievement, but I have found an amazing new group of friends who are an inspiring and encouraging part of my life.  Becky McMorries is my triathlon coach who since January 2011 has challenged me every week with a workout schedule that leads me to my goals of completing and improving my performance in triathlons. Last January, I did not know how to swim well and was afraid of deep water.  With her help I was able to learn how to swim and in my last triathlon, swam one mile in Offats Bayou in the 5i50 Olympic Triathlon in Galveston.

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