April – LaTika Lawson

36/Loan Assistant at BancorpSouth in Nacogdoches and I also work at Bath and Body Works in Lufkin
How long have you participated in the sport? I’ve been running for 1yr and 6months now.
How did you get started?
I found a flyer in our Premier Banking Department of BancorpSouth and I noticed the race date dated for 2/20/11.  A big cloud came over my head with a light bulb.  At this point my life was changing so why not try something totally out of my box. Since this race was dated one day after my birthday it would be a wonderful birthday present to myself. After doing one Half I can’t stop running.  This year my goal is to complete 4 Half Marathons and my 4th one will be held in Groveton 04/14/2012.  Four Half Marathons in four months, WooHoo.  The purpose of completing 4 Half Marathons is to prepare myself for a full Marathon in 2013.  Yes. I know. I’m Crazy.
 What is your favorite race?
LiveStrong Austin Half Marathon is one of my favorite races because it’s challenging.
Running Shoe Brand?
ASIC 13 GELS , cushion is the best way to go for me.
Favorite Long Run/Race Nutrition?
GU the berry flavors
Favorite Post-Race Food?
Bagels and Bananas
Favorite Piece of Training Equipment/Gear?
My race belt (SPI BELT).  It holds my phone so I can take pictures after my race.  A must thing to do. : )
Any advice for other athletes?
If you fear it go after it. I fear triathlon and my first one will be this year, June 3rd.  Wish me Luck. : )

My inspirational words I life by…

Tenacity is not giving up in spite of the obstacles.

Spirit is the inspiration that drives you to reach your goals.

Confidence is the key which unlocks the spirit.

Goals are the first step to achievement.

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  1. Niecy, i’m so proud of you. I’m like you, we both thought marathon runners were crazy, and NOW, we are those runners. Keep it up and continue to inspire other young ladies within the states as I continue to do the same here in Japan. Running gives me freedom and now I see that you’ve become free. I love you and so very proud of you. Aunt Barbara

  2. Congrats!! You have definitely stepped outside your box. I’m so proud of you for meeting your goal.

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