2015 Ironman Texas Week – Day 3

Introducing our First-Time Ironman Athletes racing for NET on Saturday…

Alan Gaskaalan
Age: 28
IM Experience: This is my first full Ironman competition. I have competed in a Half and have been running distance races for a while.
Goggles: the cheapest type of TYR goggles one can find
Bike: I like to think of my bike as my baby; Specialized Pro Venge 2012 model, smoke gray with electric blue. I know it is road bike but when you spend as much as I did on one bike it is hard to justify another bike; so I make “due”
Bike Nutrition: GU and Honey Stingers; I also use Base Salts to help prevent bonking and replenish what is lost in the sweat
Run Shoes: Newton Gravity III. I always feel great after a good effort in the shoes and would recommend them to anybody that loves to run as well.
Run Nutrition: same as the bike but I will throw in more solid foods like bananas and orange slices; just so you have something in the tummy to hold all the liquid. I have also been known to sneak in some GU Chomps.
My thoughts…
When you first register for this event you have to adjust a lot of things and sometimes be okay with not always being available to do what you want to do. I owe a lot to this sport that takes so much from you on race day. You learn over time that you have to respect everything: weather, food, and yes even your coach’s opinion. May 17, 2015 will be a new chapter in my life. I am looking forward to signing up for all the other events planned after this.

John CopenDSC_0691
Age: 35
IM Experience: 1st Ironman; 2 Half Ironmans
Goggles: Speedo air seal tinted goggles
Bike: Cervelo P3 with Sram Red components
Bike Nutrition: GU and Bonk Breakers
Run Shoes: Brooks Ghost
Run Nutrition: GU Chomps
My thoughts…
IM is about committing to something beyond normal human comprehension!! It’s about team work and heart!! Pain and sacrifice!

Kelley Daviskelley
Age: 32
IM Experience: 1st full iron man! Completed 70.3 in Puerto Rico this past March.
Goggles: blue seventy. A friend have them to me when I first started swimming about 18 months ago and I’ve used them ever since!
Bike: QR–don’t know what kind but it’s pink camo!!
Bike Nutrition: I eat a chew every ten minutes and a half of a honey stinger wafer every half hour. I also love to snack on sugar babies!
Run Shoes: Mizuno Inspire 10. Just switched from Asics GT 2000 this year. Mizuno Inspire are the equivalent shoe, but much lighter!
Run Nutrition: I eat lots of chews, some Gus, and wafers. Anything that sounds good! I have been practicing running until the water station, then walking. Seemed to work in Puerto Rico!
My thoughts…
I have been a spectator at the Texas IM every year since 2011. It’s always seemed bigger than anything I could do. The race is the pinnacle event for an athlete and in just a few days I will be on the course. I am proud of myself for coming this far. I have overcome fears, doubts and long days. I have really enjoyed the training! I have enjoyed pushing myself to train, even when I didn’t want to. I have swam farther than I ever thought was possible, even 6 months ago. I have learned to “enjoy” the trainer and binged watched more shows than I care to admit. I am so looking forward to the start line. I just want to start the race. I feel good about my swim. I just want to get off the bike. Once I do, I cannot wait to see my friends, family and coach on the run course, where I have spent years cheering. I keep imaging that finish line and running towards it. I cannot wait to hug my husband, daughter, family and friends at the end! When I hear the words, “You. Are. An. Ironman.”, I will know there is nothing I cannot do. See you at the finish!!

Robyn Magarrobyn
Age: 28
IM Experience: 1st Timer!
Goggles: AquaSphere Kayenne
Bike: Trek Lexa SLX
Bike Nutrition: Belvita, Gu Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Run Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline (Pink and Green!)
Run Nutrition: Gu Chomps, Pretzels, Gatorade Chews
My thoughts…
Those early morning swims and long bike rides have tested me a few times, but overall, training has gone pretty well! I just like to think that every day of training is one step (or multiple steps) closer to achieving a dream. I can definitely say that the thing I’m looking forward to the most is crossing that finish line alive and well…or maybe just alive!

Suzie Hapgoodsuzie
Age: 41
IM experience: 1st Ironman; 1 Half Ironman
Goggles: TYR special ops 2.0 (Youth size)
Bike: 2013 Cervelo P3
Bike Nutrition: GU (Salted Caramel), salt stick capsules, Gatorade, H2O and Peanut butter crackers.
Run Shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus
Run Nutrition: GU, salt stick capsules, H2O, Gatorade, and chicken broth
My thoughts…
I love training. It has been challenging, but very rewarding. I’m proud of the goals I’ve achieved. I never dreamed I could do the things I’m doing now. It’s been difficult but rewarding. Like the progress I’ve made pushing my limits, achieving goals I’ve never met before. Looking forward to hopefully having a good swim and good swim time!! The swim is the hardest, most stressful event for me. Have worked hard to achieve my swim goals! What I’m looking forward to the most is crossing that finish line!! I have worked so hard for this, I think I’ll cry when they call my name!!

Terri Cawleyterri
Age: 57,
IM Experience: 1st Ironman; 2 Half Ironmans
Goggles: Speedo VANQUISHER OPTICAL tinted goggles because I need the prescription type & don’t like the sun in my eyes
Bike: I have a Cervelo P2 Ultegra Tri Bike with Williams Wheels
Bike Nutrition: I plan to eat my usual banana before the swim, another one out of the swim & use INFINIT Nutrition only on the bike & 25 oz. of water per hour
Run Shoes: Brooks Defyance 8
Run Nutrition: mostly GUs and some things off the course as needed (fruit, maybe some crackers/pretzels) and the same 25 oz. of water per hour as on the bike
My thoughts…
The training for IM TEXAS has been awesome with the support of you my coach. It has been trying & difficult at times to schedule all the training but I have only missed 1 workout due to injury! She helped me immensely when I came into this training period with an injured Achilles & wow, here I am–almost to the “Start” line! So I am ready, the hay is in the barn, and I am nervous but excited! I will look forward to seeing my husband, children & grandchildren at mile 90 & it will be a “Mount Everest” moment for me when I hear Mike Reilly call my name & say, “Terri Cawley-YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!! A. Glorious. Day.

Wade FlasowskiIMG_1729
Age: 34
IM Experience: 1st Ironman
Goggles: TYR Nest Pro
Bike: Trek Speed Concept 2.5
Bike Nutrition: GU chomps (blueberry/pomegranate) and Cliff Shot Blocks (strawberry)
Run Shoes: Brooks Ravena 6
Run Nutrition: GU-Gels (strawberry)
My thoughts…
Ironman training was very time consuming but I am glad that I put in the hours now that race day is almost here. Swimming in the open water makes me feel like a kid again (very adventurous). I also can’t wait for the segment of the bike that goes through the Sam Houston National Forrest. It is a beautiful part of the bike course and it is fast….I will still be having fun at that point (as it is in the first 30-40 miles)!

More NET First-Timers:
Curt Findeisen
Karl Brisco

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