Ironman Texas Week 2015 – Day 2

Introducing our veteran Ironman athletes racing for NET on Saturday…

Kyle McMorrieskyle
Age: 34
IM Experience: 4th Ironman; all Ironman Texas
Type of Goggles: Black AquaSphere Kaiman
Bike: Guru (it’s big)
Preferred Bike Nutrition: Gatorade Endurance and Powerbar Gels
Type of Run Shoes: Brooks Glycerin
Preferred Run Nutrition: Gatorade Endurance and Powerbar Gels and a hot dog at Aid Station #6
My thoughts…
All my training this year was done inside on the trainer/treadmill and my mental training was done via watching Frozen about 5 times during a long bike ride. “Let it Go!” Every now and then I managed to fit in a swim. I thought my coach was really interested in my training and how workouts went after I finished, but really I was just the NET guinea pig. Interestingly enough my schedule always had “off days” on weekends when my wife had long workouts or races so that I was free and available to watch the kids. Funny how that worked out. So anyways, I am really looking forward to that hot dog at Mile 21.

Kasey Cigichkasey
Age: 29 but having to race at 30 😦
IM Experience: 3rd Ironman and hoping to make it the best! (all Ironman Texas)
Goggles: Aqua Sphere 180
Bike: QuintanaRoo black and white
Bike Nutrition: trying out cliff bars this year and hoping they work
Run Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 5
Run Nutrition: Chomp chews and I love the cola on the course!
My thoughts…
This will be my 3rd Ironman and I am ready. It is going to be a long day but I still can’t wait to reach that finish line 🙂

Bryan Davisbryan
Age: 43
IM Experience: 3rd Ironman (all Ironman Texas) and this is it for awhile!
Goggles: AquaSphere
Bike: Black and red Cervelo P5
Bike Nutrition: alternate between chews and honey stinger wafers
Run Shoes: Hot pink Mizuno wave rider 17!
My thoughts…
This is my last full ironman for awhile. I was not going to race, but my wife and best friend are racing. I figured I’d probably be training with them anyway!

Summer Koltonskisummer
Age: 33
IM Experience: 2nd Ironman; I raced IMTX last year
Type of Goggles: Aquasphere k180
Bike: 2015 Felt B14
Bike Nutrition: Peanut butter crackers, Famous Amos Cookies, GU chomps
Run Shoes: Brooks Ghost
Run Nutrition: GU gels and chicken broth (for IM)
My thoughts…
I’m just an ordinary girl who has worked hard to achieve extraordinary things. Training and completing an Ironman has taught me that anything is possible with dedication and hard work. I’m looking forward to that magical moment when I cross the finish line and see my family and friends.

Catie Morrowcatie
Age: 25
IM Experience: 2nd Ironman; first was IM Louisville in August 2014
Goggles: Speedo Vanquishers
Bike: Pink Felt
Bike Nutrition: GU, Stinger Chews, Shot Blocs, Powerbar Perform
Run Shoes: Brooks Glycerin 12
Run Nutrition: anything at the aid stations
My thoughts…
I just want to cross the finish line under the 17 hour mark!

Julie Lewisjulie 2
Age: 45
IM Experience: 98% 138.2 (IM Florida 2014 canceled the swim)
Googles: Aquasphere kayenne mirrored
Bike: Cervelo P2
Bike Nutrition: Infinit
Run Shoes: Hoka One One Stinson Lite
Run Nutrition: 1st Half – Gu and roctane; 2nd Half – coke chicken broth and red bull
My Thoughts…
This journey started over a year ago training for Ironman Florida. Due to the cancellation of the swim I knew my journey wasn’t over. May 16th I will finish what I started. SWIM, bike and run 140.6. I heard the words “You Are An Ironman” when I crossed the finish line at IMFL. What I look forward to most at Ironman Texas is not only hearing it but believing it.

Also racing is NET’s veteran friend…
Elyse Gallegoselyse
Age: 27
IM Experience: 4th Ironman (Texas 2011, Florida 3014, Louisville 2013)
Type of Goggles: BlueSeventy
Type of Bike: Trek Speed Concept 9.9
Preferred Bike Nutrition: Gatorade Endurance and Powerbar bars and gels
Type of Run Shoes: Saucony Kinvara 5
Preferred Run Nutrition: Coke
IM Training: I look forward to finishing. That is all.

More NET veterans:
Clayton Collierclayton

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