Updated Group Workout Schedule – Spring 2015

NET logoNET will be changing up the group workout schedule beginning this week. We will be meeting once a week on Thursdays and rotating through each sport. Hopefully in some months we can include some transition and social events as well! Here is the schedule through the remainder of the spring:

April 16 Swim 6:15-7p Boys and Girls Club
April 23 Swim 6:15-7:15p BGClub Pool
April 30 Run 6:15-7p Pecan Park
May 7 Swim 6:15-7p Boys and Girls Club
May 14 No Group Workout due to Ironman Texas
May 21 Bike Canceled due to rain!
May 28 Swim 6:15-7p Boys and Girls Club

You might be wondering why we are changing things up…the answer is this – HARD. I put this word in workouts all the time, but I know most people, including myself, don’t go hard when they are by themselves (or at all). Most of us also have a harder time pushing in certain sports over others. My goal with these group workouts is to push you; to make you go the speed/intensity/level that you didn’t think you had. In the pool, I will be on deck guiding (yelling) at you to go faster. On the bike we will push you to reach the end point sooner, and on the run if you haven’t thrown up then you probably aren’t going hard enough. In the end this type of workout should also answer a common question I get – why am I not any faster? You have to push past your comfort levels to achieve speeds that don’t come naturally. I’m here to help you do that.

These group workouts will not be listed in TrainingPeaks but are included with your monthly training fees. They are either used as a substitution for a workout already listed in TP or as supplemental work with a coach on-deck. You will not know the workout until the workout starts. All you will know is that you will get a good workout in the 45min-1hr that you are with me!

For this spring I am also opening all workouts to the public. This would be ideal for the self-coached athlete who wants some guidance and needs a push once a week and does the remainder of planning/scheduling/building on their own.

All levels are welcome and all abilities are able to reach beyond where they thought they could. Speed is relative and everyone can go a little faster, even beginner athletes.

I hope that most of our local athletes will plan to join us and bring a friend. If you have any questions, please contact me (nacendurance@hotmail.com). See you Thursday!

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