It’s Ironman Week!

The 4th edition of Ironman Texas is set to take place this Saturday, May 17, in The Woodlands. In honor of IM Week we will have posts each day all about this crazy distance. Today we will meet all our NET athletes and our NET Friends who are also racing. Get ready to be inspired!

Meet our 2014 NET IMTX Athletes!
Clayton Clayton Collier (aka Red Dirt)
BIB#: 1096
1st Ironman
Goggles: Blue Seventy
Bike: Cervelo P2
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 17





Bryan Davis (aka Big Daddy)bryan
BIB#: 1768
2nd Ironman
Goggles: Aquasphere
Bike: Cervelo P5
Shoes: Mizuno





Wes Jensen (aka WesCat)

BIB#: 1884
1st Ironman
Goggles: Aquasphere
Bike: Yaqui Mariola
Shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus





Kyle McMorries (aka Kyle)
BIB#: 1209
3rd Ironman
Goggles: Aquasphere Kaiman
Bike: Guru Custom Titanium
Shoes: Brooks Ghost 6






summerSummer Koltonski (aka Mighty Mouse)
BIB#: 386
Goggles: Aquasphere K180
Bike: Javelin Arcole
Shoes: Brooks Ghost






NET Friends:
Kasey Cigich
BIB#: 279
2nd Ironman
Kasey previously trained with NET but now lives and trains in Houston.

Adam Brennen
BIB#: 1080
3rd Ironman
Adam is Kyle’s cousin. He lives and trains in Houston.

Alanna Connor
BIB#: 281
1st Ironman
Alanna has competed in our local events. She lives and trains in Lufkin.

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