February with NET

NET logoFebruary with NET…
Group Workouts
Swim – Wednesday mornings at 5a; Thursday evenings at 6p
Boys and Girls Club Swimming Pool

Volunteer at Ironman Texas with NET!
We have five athletes racing this year along with 2500 other competitors. Come out and help at run aid station #2 from 10-3 and take part in a truly awesome experience. Click on this LINK to sign up.

Right now I have race discounts for members of NET to Athens Sprint Tri, TriAggieland, and Playtri Festival. Email nacendurance@hotmail.com to get the codes.

NET Merchandise
Our January order will ship at the end of February. We should have our NET gear before the first race of the season! We will place another order with Champion Systems the beginning of March. If you are interested in ordering some tri gear please email Jessica Morrow – jessica.morrow88@gmail.com – for information.

Upcoming Events
2/9 Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon – Shreveport
2/9 Du the Polar Bear Duathlon – Houston
2/24 Cowtown Half Marathon

Race Reports
If you compete in an event, please send your race report to share with the group. We are all interested in finding good races in good places. Share your experiences!

February Wisdom
This is the beginning of the season. You are just getting started. Take the time to work on your technique in each sport. Holding good form (even if it’s slow) will pay out tremendously in nine months (when you will be fast!).


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