Ironman Texas 2013 – Part III

1 day left until race day! We are continuing to highlight the NET athletes that will be going for 140.6 miles on Saturday. Go back and read about Misty and Kasey HERE and Micah and Morrow HERE.
TODAY…Jessica Malone


Athletic Background? I have been cycling and running off and on for years. Never anything formal or serious. But about 5 yrs ago I started to get into cycling pretty heavy, training for some local 50+ milers and some centuries. I was also with a trainer at the gym. I was so burned out on being inside that when NET came to the hospital where I work for a health fair during Nurses’ Week, I grabbed a flyer! And the rest is history! NET (Becky) taught me to swim and I started training for a sprint distance. It was sooo much fun that I was hooked!

Why IMTX? Well I was doing smaller tris – sprints, Olympics, and was satisfied there. But one day Tamara (my running/training sister) and I decided to go to the Ironman Institute for a floating body fat analysis, lactic acid threshold, gait analysis, and a dietary consult. And that was my turning point. One of the guys that helped us all day long was an Ironman finisher and a coach. When he asked us what we were training for and we told him, he said why not an Ironman? I said “I can’t.” “It’s too far.” “I’m too old.” “I’m too fat” “blah blah blah”. He said “Nonsense! You’re body will do whatever you train it to do!” The seed was planted. Then after the 5150 Galveston last year, Kyle McMorries said “you could do an Ironman.” The seed was watered. I told Larry. He said “Sure you can!” The seed sprouted! I signed up, freaked out, and Becky trained me. The seed grew! Now harvest is in four days!!!! IMG_3167

Goals for the race? My goal is to finish on time and in one piece!

What are you most nervous about? I’m nervous about the swim! I’ve only been swimming for maybe three years.

What are you most excited about? I’m most excited about the finish!

NET also has Bryan Davis, Kyle McMorries, and Becky McMorries participating.
STAY TUNED for info on tracking our athletes during the race tomorrow…

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