Ironman Texas 2013 – Part II

We are continuing to highlight our NET athletes competing at Ironman Texas in The Woodlands on Saturday. If you missed yesterday, CLICK HERE to read more about Kasey and Misty.

TODAY…Micah Bobo and Jessica Morrow

Athletic Background? I have been very active and athletic my whole life, but after I had my kids I got into running to help me stay in shape. My adult athletic career just kind of escalated from there.

Why Ironman? I have reached my goals of completing half marathons and full marathons and all levels of triathlon except Ironman. Ironman is the next challenge on my list.

Goals for the race? My goal is to finish the race in under 14 hours, but I will be thrilled at whatever time I finish as long as I cross the finish line.

What are you most nervous about? My weakest sport is swimming, and I am most nervous about that. I am not too comfortable swimming in open water with a lot of other swimmers around me. I know that I can do it, but I will be very relieved and will be able to enjoy the race a lot better after I’m out of the water.

What are you most excited about? I have really enjoyed the whole IM training process, but there have been times where I have had a long workout and felt tired or unmotivated.  The thought that has kept me going is imagining the announcer at the finish line calling my name, “Micah Bobo, You are an Ironman!”  That is what I am most excited about. I have played it over and over in my head. It brings tears to my eyes to think about it. I am pretty sure I will be crying when I cross the finish line.

Anything else? Completing an Ironman is something I never imagined that I could do. It is so overwhelming to think about. I would have never been able to do this without the encouragement and support of my awesome teammates and coach. And now I can’t wait for us to get out there and make it happen!

Athletic background? I swam throughout high school and decided when it came time to graduate that I didn’t want to swim in college, but during high school I did a triathlon a year and LOVED IT!! I had sooo much fun because the team and sportsmanship was just like the swim team and to me that was the best part.

Why Ironman? Well…Ironman came about when I got a text message saying I should. I thought about it for a while and everyday I thought about it, I got more and more excited for it! Which is still true to this day, which puts the Ironman 4 days away! I didn’t think I could possibly get more excited! So I said, “Sure why not! I could really love this”. After I rode for 4 straight hours and felt great, I knew this is something I wanted to do! 🙂

Goals for this race? My only goal is exactly what my coach told me my only goal was and that was to FINISH!! I want to finish with my coach, team, friends and mostly my family to be there, see me cross and be smiling right along side me! They are my biggest fans/supporters and I love them to death!!

What am I most nervous about? Well if you know me at all, then you know swimming comes naturally but I would have to say the swim, ONLY for the reason we all start together. Other than that, after I throw a few elbows and find the person that gave me a bloody nose at the last one and give them one, then I am not nervous at all!

What am I most excited about? I have to say that I am most excited about seeing all my hard work come to a fantastic close! I know that my team and I have put in long hours and lots of time. So to cross that finish line with a smile, I know we will all feel accomplishment! And honestly, to see the team and family and friends at the end means I am alive and just completed my first Ironman! That makes me excited!

Anything else? I want to thank my family, friends and team for always being there for me as I work to this goal! But the biggest thanks of all, would have to be to Becky!! She is the best coach and supporter anyone could have!! I have been waiting for this week for over 7 months and I am excited it is finally here!


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  1. Micha and Jessica, you are my heros!! Don’t worry about that swim, it’s just one stroke at a time. You guys will do awesome!

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