USAT National Challenge Competition is Back!

 And NET is competing again. Won’t you join us?

Maybe…What is it?
It’s winter. Your next race could be months away… how do you stay motivated to train and keep fit over the off-season months?
And keep off those holiday pounds!
The USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition was designed with one idea in mind: keeping triathletes motivated and active during the off-season. Triathlon clubs from around the country go head-to-head from December to February by logging training miles in all three disciplines.
We did pretty good as a team in 2011-2012.
There are three sessions: Swim (December), Bike (January) and Run (February). During each session everyone trains in all 3 disciplines, but awards are given for the team and athletes with the most mileage for that month’s discipline and again for the overall competition.
That means in December we add need to live at the pool!
Clubs compete in Divisions according to club size, so even smaller clubs have a chance to win prizes. There are also prizes awarded to individual athletes in each session and overall.
NET has moved up to Division 4 this year.
All stats are tracked in real time, as they are entered, so you can always see how your club is doing and how you are doing against others in your club and across the country. You can log your own workouts or I can log them for you.
Visit the USAT-NCC page for more information.

That sounds fun. I’ll join! What do I do next?
Athletes holding an annual USAT Triathlon membership are eligible to participate on our team and we need everbody! If you have your USAT# then fill out the form below and I will add you to our team.

If you don’t have a USAT# then you will need to get one. Visit

Email NET if you have any questions. I hope LOTS of NETers will consider participating!

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