Some Things I Like…

Just a few items that help with my training and racing and may help you too!

SWEATY BANDS. You will rarely see me without a Sweaty Band. These headbands are the best I have found. I can put one on first thing in the morning, do a workout, and it will still be in the same place in the evening. Lots of fun colors and 3 different widths to choose from. You can find them at the major race expos but you can also order online and take advantage of monthly specials.

BROOKS GHOST 4. These are my go-to shoes right now for speed work, long runs and races. They are a neutral shoe with great cushioning and come in both regular and narrow widths. I wore these in IMTX without socks and even though my feet were sopping wet during the whole marathon I only had 1 tiny blister. For me, that’s incredible! You might not be looking for a shoe right now but if you are wanting a change maybe give this pair a try!

BODYGLIDE. For all your chafing needs! Goes on like deoderant and helps to keep you from chafing in any area you need. It’s waterproof so you can use it for the swim, bike, and run. You can purchase it at most running shoe stores, Academy, or at your next race expo. If you forget it one time, I guarantee you won’t forget it again!

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