T-minus 14 hours…

IMTX IS A GO!! All 2200 athletes will start the swim at 7am tomorrow morning.

To track me and Kyle throughout the day go to Ironman.com and find the Athlete Tracker (supposedly a big red bar at the bottom). I am bib #215 and Kyle is bib #1076.This website will also (hopefully) have live feed of the finish line. Plan your day accordingly!

You can also track detailed information about the bike by going to MyAthlete Tracking. We will both be wearing GPS devices that will give you up to the minute data about where we are on the bike course and how we are doing.

If you have any questions tomorrow about IMTX, the course, where we are and how we are doing you can also call Elyse at 936-371-0828. She is “tracking central” and will probably be able to tell you where we are and how we are doing before we ever get there. 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be a GREAT day! It’s time to DTDT!!!

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  1. This is very true! I have all 3 computers set up with Ironmanlive.com and athlete tracker for each of you guys!! (one per computer of course) I’m so excited about tomorrow- wish I was racing with y’all! GOOD LUCK and remember tomorrow you all will be an IRONMAN!! All you can do for now is re-watch IMTX 2011 and the previous IMKY race videos. Talk to you at the finish line!

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