Ironman Louisville Race Report

My very first Ironman was Ironman Louisville in Kentucky on August 31st, 2008…

Overall, this was the most exciting race that I have ever competed in. It was not my fastest by any means and probably not my best, but I was able to adapt to the conditions I was given and enjoy almost every second that I was out there. I did the best that I possibly could and am very proud of myself for what I accomplished physically and mentally. I know that I will do an IM again (at some point) and this race was one of the best things I could do to prepare for every race to come. I’ve come a long way since my first triathlon in May 2007 and I am proud and thankful that I had this awesome opportunity. It’s so cool to say to myself – I am an Ironman!!!”

Read my entire race report below. FAIR WARNING! It’s long (but so is the race!). Grab a cup of coffee and/or have a gel at page 5. It’s worth it!!!
Ironman Louisville 2008 Race Report

115 hours and 15 minutes to start time!

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